The Best (and easiest!) S'mores Bars Ever!

In middle school I had the classic bestie. (Think “best friends” heart necklace and passing notes in the hallway between classes.) But things turned south in 8th grade (Think “Mean Girls” secret three way call where the goal was for me to divulge incriminating evidence—didn’t work, btw.)

Fortunately, even though we parted ways I came out on the other side with one of my favorite recipes of all time. Her mom would make these amazing S’mores Bars and I quickly procured the recipe for my own mom to try.

S'mores bars quick and easy dessert.jpg

The first time she did it didn’t go so well. The graham cracker crust was delicious, but the directions never stated the order to put the chocolate chips and marshmallows and in typical “bar” fashion my mom placed chocolate chips on the very top. They were fine, but not spectacular, and I insisted she made them wrong and to try again by putting the marshmallows on top.

She dismissed my sassy middle-school-girl comment and it took months for me to convince her to make them again. She did and placed the marshmallows on top, and although I hate to say it, I was right. This version of the bars were sooo much better and quickly became a staple in our household as well.

I inherited the recipe and make them All. The. Time. They’re a total crowd pleaser. And they’re E-A-S-Y.

And I am gifting this treasure to you so you can be the hit of the party. You’re welcome. Just be sure to put the marshmallows on top because they need to get nice and toasty, and if they’re under the chocolate chips they will NOT get toasted. So enjoy and share the love. And let’s be honest, most of the time you’ll be doubling this recipe and making it in a 9x13. Trust me.

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