June: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family and Newborn Photographer

Does anyone else feel like June flew by? The beauty of developing and scanning my own film is I was able to sneak this project in even though I didn’t do it until the last minute 😬 It was my middle kid’s turn to be the star of the project in the month of June (although he didn’t see it that way. I definitely had to bribe him with TV time to get him to cooperate.). I tried to do something different this month, so I hand fogged the film and I did lots of double exposures. The hand fogging is such a wildcard and this round turned out very subtle; I swept the film with pink and blue and you can just kind of see some pink color shifting across the images and small splotches of blue if you are really looking for it. The double exposures were mostly a miss but I’m posting them here for you to judge as you wish 😂 These were shot on a Nikon n80 on Fuji 200 film. To get a rundown of my studio set-up, visit my January post for details and links! Be sure to check out Charlene Hardy’s take on the project for this month!