July: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family, Newborn, and Senior Photographer

So, yes, this post is late. BUT in all fairness, I shot this roll in July, I just didn’t get the post up until August. This month was the Baby Of The Family’s turn and with the weather being gorgeous, we shot the roll outside. He was willing to do the shoot if he could bring his favorite toys with him (a race car being his most treasured possession and the police car being among his top 5 faves.). I obliged because I know I will want to remember his obsession, especially with the race car. He carries that thing around everywhere; other children have their stuffies and blankies, but he has his hard, metal toy that he has completely gutted out of some act of extreme love.

So without further ado, here is July’s submission for One Roll, One Kid. These were shot on a Nikon F100 with Kodak Gold 200, rated at 200, self-developed, and scanned on a Noritsu LS-600.

June: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family and Newborn Photographer

Does anyone else feel like June flew by? The beauty of developing and scanning my own film is I was able to sneak this project in even though I didn’t do it until the last minute 😬 It was my middle kid’s turn to be the star of the project in the month of June (although he didn’t see it that way. I definitely had to bribe him with TV time to get him to cooperate.). I tried to do something different this month, so I hand fogged the film and I did lots of double exposures. The hand fogging is such a wildcard and this round turned out very subtle; I swept the film with pink and blue and you can just kind of see some pink color shifting across the images and small splotches of blue if you are really looking for it. The double exposures were mostly a miss but I’m posting them here for you to judge as you wish 😂 These were shot on a Nikon n80 on Fuji 200 film. To get a rundown of my studio set-up, visit my January post for details and links! Be sure to check out Charlene Hardy’s take on the project for this month!

May: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family and Newborn Photographer

For May’s submission to the One Roll, One Kid Project I convinced my eldest (my most camera-adverse) to step into my “studio” (read: basement with a backdrop and strobe light) and I was in shock when he actually cooperated. I think all it took was bribing him with a granola bar so I can tell he’s maturing.

Lately he’s been into all the dance moves and if you have an elementary schooler, you’ll know all current dance moves come from Fortnite whether or not your child is allowed to play the game. I found out my eldest told his friends he plays it because they all said they play it; his teacher confirmed she hears him and his friends chatting about Fortnite and it’s clear none of them actually know what they’re talking about 😂

I was convinced this month’s submission would primarily be shot outdoors because May is typically a glorious month in Minnesota but it’s been cold and rainy. One of the coldest Mays on record, so we’re all just trying to survive. I shot this roll on HP5+ on my Nikon F100, rated it at 400 and pushed a stop. I definitely overexposed, so you can see it’s relatively flat and has increased grain. You win some, you lose some.

Here’s hoping for a nicer June and some outside photos!

April: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family and Senior Photographer

I admit that my children are growing impatient with my taking photos for this project; I think I’d have to buy a new backdrop to get them excited ;) So for April many aspects of this project are different than other months.

1. I couldn’t convince all my boys to get an entire roll. In fact, I couldn’t even get one of my kids to cooperate for an entire roll in one sitting so the roll is more of a survey of the month. Some are in “studio”, others around the house, and the last ones at a playground.

2. This month only features my littlest because he’s the most cooperative and he’s home with me all day so there are more opportunities.

3. This set is in black and white, which I realized none of my others have been! I absolutely love black and white but for whatever reason haven’t been using it for this project.

This set was shot on my Nikon FE and self-developed in HC-110b (If you want to learn how to develop your own black and white, click here!). I’ve been trying to force myself to pick up my FE more often because I realize my muscle memory for manual focus has gone down the drain and I’m wanting to force myself to recover that. I only had a 50mm and 85mm that worked with this camera, so after Christmas I went out and got a new-to-me 24mm 2.8 for those moments I needed a wider view and so far I am loving this little $70 lens! These were shot on Kodak TMax 400 at 1250 and pushed 2 stops in development.

There’s a whole crew of us tackling this One Kid, One Roll project in 2019! Be sure to check out Jennifer Stamp’s April results here!

March: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Family, Senior, and Newborn Photographer

It’s the end of March and finally the sun is giving off its warm, spring light and copious amounts of snow are in the process of melting. After a pretty brutal winter, 45 degrees is feeling more like 70 and the children of Minneapolis are hopping on their bikes for the first time in months in spite of the lingering remnants of winter.

Fingers crossed April’s project will be shot more outside (not because I don’t love my studio set up but because my kids - and possibly you - are getting sick of it.). But for now, enjoy a BRAND NEW BACKDROP that actually has color!

Once again I totally “cheated” on the One Roll, One Kid parameters of the project. This time I photographed all three of my children on 1.5 rolls of film. AND when I was photographing my eldest, the littlest walked into the frame and they had some moments together. I included those because they’re too cute.

I also know when to pick my battles and with how reluctant my kiddos were, I allowed them to wear their pajamas for the shots. This means there’s ALL THE COLORS in these shots, which is a little shocking to the eyes, so beware.

The films I used were Kodak ColorPlus 200 (rated at 200) and Portra 160 (rated at 160). The ColorPlus turned out way more saturated than I expected and I’m not in love with it, while the Portra 160 is just exactly as I hoped it would be. Portra 160 is one of my FAVES and I’m loving experimenting with it outdoors, with strobes, and pushing it. It’s versatile and skin tones always turn out sooo pretty!

I also self-developed these in extremely old chemicals and the Portra 160 handled it beautifully while the ColorPlus seemed to have issues, so if you see some weird coloring and water spots, I apologize but also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve had some people ask about my studio set up lately so I am including a link to everything I used:

+ Savage Seamless Paper in Turquoise

+ Backdrop Stand

+ AlienBee 800 Strobe Light (I found mine used on Facebook but you can find them here too.)

+ Diffuser Umbrella

+ Yongnuo Triggers

There’s a whole, amazing crew participating in this challenge in 2019, so be sure to check out Charlene Hardy‘s March contribution!

February: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Newborn, Family, and Senior Photographer

We’re two months into the One Roll, One Kid project and I’m still in love with it. I think it’s nice to start projects like these in the winter months when I need a little help with inspiration for personal work. The kids have had 6 (SIX) snow and cold days in the last few weeks so we’ve gone a little stir crazy around here (I don’t think I had six cold and snow days in ALL my K-12 years!) But I’ve put them in my basement “studio” quite a bit to try to entertain us. My oldest really hates having his picture taken and my other two are hit or miss, but for some reason they kind of seem to enjoy being in front of a backdrop and doing their thing. Maybe the flash of the strobe makes them feel like it’s a legit photoshoot and not just Mom snapping her camera away at them. Who knows, but whatever it is I’m enjoying it! I won’t do this challenge studio-style every month but I’m super into it right now so just enjoy it for what it is 😉

For over a year my only backdrop has been Storm Gray Seamless Paper by Savage but I want to buy alllll the colors, so this month I branched out and invested in Pure White. (Spoiler alert: I bought an actual color, which recently arrived, so don’t worry I’m not all whites and greys.). I am fortunate enough to have a local photography store that I bought this from so it was instant gratification.

I shot off a roll of Portra 160 on my Nikon F100 and developed it the next day. Just like in January, I kind of broke the rules this month, but this time I just shot all three of my kiddos on one roll. But I photographed them one at a time, so I feel like I followed the spirit of the project, ya know?

If you’re wanting a list to my studio supplies, you can find them in my January’s One Roll, One Kid post!

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