August: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Newborn and Family Photographer

Can I let you in on something? It honestly feels wrong to type this, but I think it gives insight into this month’s round of the project and could serve as a reminder to myself in the future. So here goes: this month I started feeling bored of this challenge.

So now I sound like a jerk, but let me explain why I’m admitting this out loud. There are plenty of areas as a creative that can at first feel all fresh and fun and then as it starts to drag on it feels monotonous and much harder to rouse up the inspiration.

But I think that’s when the magic happens.

I’m NOT saying these are magical shots, but digging past the boredom and finding the creativity is a magical action. And one that I believe leads to more creativity and more magic in the future.

Sometimes feeling fresh and new can lead to default motions because I’m inherently excited about what I’m doing. When I’m not inherently excited then I have to start digging deep within myself to find the inspiration in unexpected ways. And let me tell you, that inspiration isn’t the same kind of “I can’t wait to shoot this!” I felt at the beginning. It’s more of a “let’s throw these ideas to the wall and see what sticks.”

It’s much less exciting to be sitting in the latter camp, but we. all. find. ourselves. there.

This is NOT to invalidate the other months of this project. I love getting my kids in the studio or following them around for the month to capture who they are, but I had no need to dig deep those months.

This month I took the opportunity to do something I had never done before, which is pull a roll of film. If you’re confused about pushing vs. pulling film (and don’t be ashamed if you are!) visit the article I wrote for Shoot It With Film.

I took a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400, rated it at 100 and pulled it only one stop (so I developed it as if I had shot it at 200. These times are found on the Massive Dev Chart app, which I use every time I develop black and white film.)

I also played more with double exposures and just overall let my kid be grumpy about taking photos. Sometimes you just gotta work with what you have. I also used my Epson v600 to scan these after the PC died that I had my Noritsu scanner hooked up to. It was a month full of firsts; some of them conjured and some of them forced upon me.

So although I hope you enjoy this round, I’m more excited about pushing past and digging deep when the creativity isn’t naturally flowing. So push past; dig deep friends.

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