February: One Roll, One Kid | Minneapolis Newborn, Family, and Senior Photographer

We’re two months into the One Roll, One Kid project and I’m still in love with it. I think it’s nice to start projects like these in the winter months when I need a little help with inspiration for personal work. The kids have had 6 (SIX) snow and cold days in the last few weeks so we’ve gone a little stir crazy around here (I don’t think I had six cold and snow days in ALL my K-12 years!) But I’ve put them in my basement “studio” quite a bit to try to entertain us. My oldest really hates having his picture taken and my other two are hit or miss, but for some reason they kind of seem to enjoy being in front of a backdrop and doing their thing. Maybe the flash of the strobe makes them feel like it’s a legit photoshoot and not just Mom snapping her camera away at them. Who knows, but whatever it is I’m enjoying it! I won’t do this challenge studio-style every month but I’m super into it right now so just enjoy it for what it is 😉

For over a year my only backdrop has been Storm Gray Seamless Paper by Savage but I want to buy alllll the colors, so this month I branched out and invested in Pure White. (Spoiler alert: I bought an actual color, which recently arrived, so don’t worry I’m not all whites and greys.). I am fortunate enough to have a local photography store that I bought this from so it was instant gratification.

I shot off a roll of Portra 160 on my Nikon F100 and developed it the next day. Just like in January, I kind of broke the rules this month, but this time I just shot all three of my kiddos on one roll. But I photographed them one at a time, so I feel like I followed the spirit of the project, ya know?

If you’re wanting a list to my studio supplies, you can find them in my January’s One Roll, One Kid post!

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