Do You Even Valentine? (If not, START! I have a free template for you!) | Amy Berge Minneapolis Family + Newborn Photographer

My husband and I are originally from Minnesota and that’s where we currently reside, but back when our eldest son was born we were living in California. He was the first grandchild on both sides of our family and he was the first great-grandkid for most of our grandparents. Combine that with being a photographer’s child and you can only imagine how many pictures were taken and shared of this kid. (Lots)

For his first Valentine’s Day I thought it would be cute if he made and sent our Valentines to his grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunts + uncles. (It’s funny because a baby can’t make and send out cards. But let’s be honest, not as annoying as a pet sending out their own cards. But also not as cute.)

The tradition has continued as our brood has grown from 1 to 2 to 3. Not only do grandparents love pictures of their grandkids but who doesn’t love receiving mail that’s not an ad? Amiright? The tradition includes designing a card every year and forcing my children to pile together and smile ONE TIME for the camera. I design them to be printed on a standard 4x6 photo at Costco and I purchase envelopes somewhere on the internet. Super easy!

I used the Procreate app on my iPad to design the template but all you need is a smartphone to use the template! If you have Photoshop, then use that because it will be super easy to drop in a photo and create text on the side, but if you don’t have Photoshop I found an alternative for you. You too can Valentine in 2019!

The template is a PNG with a transparent background, so you’ll need something that can layer files and open PNGs. The app I found on my phone is Over , which is an app I’ve had for years. They have a free version, which is all you need to complete this project.

Once you have Over and a picture of your kiddos(s) or yourself (because your grandparents would also appreciate a picture of just you, trust me) you’re ready to go.


Some (maybe too detailed) Steps:

1. Download the template by clicking here

2. Open up Over

3. Tap the circle with the plus sign at the bottom of the screen marked “create”

4. The app will then ask you to choose a background; select the transparent option.


5. It will automatically create a square for you. To change this to 4x6 dimensions, tap on the dimensions on the top of the page.

6. The app will try to keep it as a square, so de-select constrain proportions to create a rectangle

7. Since we’re printing a 4x6 and dpi should be 300 for printing, our dimensions will change to 1800 wide and 1200 tall. (as seen on the right)

8. Select the check mark on the upper-right-hand to continue.

9. Click “image” to open up your camera roll and select a photo of your kid(s) (or yourself).


10. Click “image” again to select the template.

11. I found if I enlarged the template to 125% it fits perfectly. (you can change this under the “size” option as shown on the right)

12. Go to layers (the icon on the upper toolbar to the left of the check mark) and select the photo to position it into the opening of the template. You can also move layers around to bring some forward or backward depending on what you need! This is an extremely handy feature.

13. Select “text” on the bottom to type the text you wish to have on your Valentine.

14. If you really want to be ambitious, you can match the colors to the rest of the template. You can change the colors by clicking on the rainbow color wheel under the “color” icon. Here are the HEX values:


16. You can also play around with the letter spacing and line spacing to make it have the look you’re after! When I made a sample from Over, I ended up using the “Hello Beautiful” font for Berge Boys and “Lulu Outline” (the third version down for a thicker line) for 2019.

17. Last you hit the arrow on the iupper-right-hand side to save to photos. You’re now ready to order some 4x6s!


I usually order these at Costco because the quality is much better than other fast labs and they will be done in about an hour. found some envelopes on Amazon that are red and will fit 4x6 photos. You can find them here.

I also turned the photo black and white so as not clash with the colors I chose. Lest you think it’s easy to get a smiling photo of my boys, I leave you with these outtakes to make yourself feel better.