Class of 2019 Senior Representatives

Believe it or not spring will be here soon!  Grass will be green, leaves will be on trees and flowers will be budding.  It also means I'm already taking inquiries for senior reps for the class of 2019!  Senior reps get their pictures taken in May in order to have photos ready to show their friends before school lets out.  It's a great way to get the word out about my services (and there are benefits in store for you as well!)

I am incredibly excited for this year's senior reps.  Within the last year my work has gone from digital mixed with film photography to 100% film.  My bright, colorful, and playful style remains but I have added a lot of experimentation to the mix (double exposures, motion, light leaks) and I cannot wait for my reps to help build a portfolio that reflects this!  (Don't worry, your gallery will include plenty of classic shots as well; it will be the best of both worlds!). 

The senior rep package starts at $445 and includes the same 1.5-2 hour session with multiple locations and unlimited outfit changes but also includes 15 digital files (!) and makeup by Baroque Artistry (!!).

Please contact Amy for more information 612.806.3976 (call or text) or