Photos of Amy and her family by  Ally Wasmund

Photos of Amy and her family by Ally Wasmund

I believe everyone has a story to tell and I want my story to intersect with yours.  I believe your story isn't just *your* story but the story of those who have gone before you and those who come after you.  (And if you're bringing young children to a photoshoot, I also VERY much believe in the power of bribery via fruit snacks.)


Church-planter's wife, film photographer, part-time worship leader (ResMPLS), full-time mom to three boys.  Runner, coffee-drinker, math nerd. Regular contributor for Shoot It With Film.


If you love film photography, twirling, laughing, getting gussied up, cuddling with your family, and 2-minute dance parties we should make art together.

Minneapolis, MN

+1 612 806 3976